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Any previous backups performed are available for you to view by simply hitting "Show History. With everything set up to your liking, it's time to perform a backup.

Use this package as a library

So tap on "Save" in the lower-right corner of the page, then tap on the toggles directly under "Only Upload" if you want to perform the task while "Over Wi-Fi" or "While Charging. You'll now be taken to a setup page where you can opt to automatically schedule your backups by tapping on the toggle next to "Schedule recurring backups.

Part 2: View Android Text Messages on PC with Android App

If you wish to bypass Doze Mode to ensure that backups are performed even when your phone is in deep sleep, enable the toggle next to "Run scheduled backups at exact time. Instead of waiting on a scheduled backup, you should make a manual backup this first time.

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So hit "Back Up Now," but keep in mind that you won't need to do this again in the future backups will happen automatically if you've followed this guide. Once your first backup has completed, you can view its details. If you want back up your text history to your device instead of the cloud, tap on "Your phone" on the setup page, then set the destination folder to either the app's folder SMSBackupRestore on your SD card or internal storage or "Your own folder" any folder of your choosing.

It's important to keep track of the destination folder, as you'll need it later on to retrieve your files from an external source.

[DEV] SMS Backup and Restore XML files to readable HTML conversations : androidapps

Hit "Next" on the lower-right corner when you've selected a folder, then tap "Yes" on the warning prompt to commence. You'll now be taken to a page to schedule automatic backups and enable other options.

For more on this, refer to the bottom half of Step 5. With your SMS texts and phone calls successfully backed up, you'll now be able to view them at any time simply by logging in to the cloud-based account you had the files sent to and clicking on the XML file that starts with "SMS" followed by the date the backup was performed example: sms Thank you so much.

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SMS Backup for BB10 - Tutorial: How to check your backup

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It is actively developed and maintained by the team. You can utilize this app to backup and restore SMS on Android by following the steps mentioned below:.

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  • Now, that you have a backup file on your local storage or in a cloud storage drive, you can restore it quickly.