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Read Emails Track sent and received emails. Instantly read all incoming and outgoing emails, as well as the time-stamp and contact details of the sender. See screenshots whenever they use webmail so you know who they are emailing. Spy on Internet Activity Track website history and bookmarks. Monitor Network Activity Know what and who is connected.

Take Screenshots Take desktop screenshots remotely. View target computer screenshots according to a timer. Take desktop screenshots anytime you want to see what exactly happens on the target computer.

How do I get spyware?

Monitor File Transfers Monitor all file activity and transfers. Know when a file was opened, who modified it and where it was sent with our file transfer and activity tracking feature. Smart Reporting System Data is uploaded to your portal. View all computer activity in your secure online portal or download our first-of-its-kind mobile viewer app for access on the go.

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  5. Remote Update Updating to the latest version faster and easier than ever. One click updates and PC key-logger automatically and remotely update. Tamper Controls Select the visibility option. No other software gives you this flexibility. Remote Settings Remotely change software features. Enable or disable any feature you want at any time from your online control panel. All settings can be adjusted remotely without access to the target PC. Web Based Control and Monitoring. There are calls from unusual or withheld numbers? Flag data for convenient analysis.

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    The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. How To. Security Center How To What is spyware? And how to remove it.

    By a Symantec employee. Cybercrime statistics tell the story: A total of million people in 20 countries were affected by cybercrime in , according to Norton Cyber Security Insights Report Global Results. Spyware contributed to those numbers. There are four main types of spyware. Each uses unique tactics to track you. The adware will display advertisements for the same or related products or services to entice you to click or make a purchase. Adware is used for marketing purposes and can slow down your computer.

    This kind of malicious software disguises itself as legitimate software. For example, Trojans may appear to be a Java or Flash Player update upon download. Trojan malware is controlled by third parties. It can be used to access sensitive information such as Social Security numbers and credit card information.

    How to Tell If Your Computer is Being Monitored

    Tracking cookies. System monitors. This type of spyware can capture just about everything you do on your computer. System monitors can record all keystrokes, emails, chat-room dialogs, websites visited, and programs run.

    System monitors are often disguised as freeware. How do I get spyware?

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    5. It does not necessarily mean that your computer is being monitored, but even if it is being monitored, then only applications and website usage can be recorded, not keystrokes or content. So, no personal information can be captured. Is there any software on my computer that might be spying on my personal information?

      Is my computer being spied on? These are the major concerns people have. Spying practices might be applied at workplaces for sure. There are always bosses that use such spying functionality as screenshots capturing or keystrokes recording. The reason is usually a poor management that is oriented on micromanagement.

      Based on our experience we can say that the bigger the company you work for or department is, the less there is a chance for you to be spied on. Because spying requires recording of pretty large volume of information. Also it is a pretty time consuming to analyze the spying results.

      The best PC spy software for monitoring computer activity

      Besides, spying practices might lead to legal problems that is why serious companies, especially the ones that have legal departments would not apply spying functionality. Spying practices are most common among small companies where the bosses think they could improve their business by spying on every movement of their employees. They often take their laptops at home or in business trips, so employees have laptops with them not only during business hours but also out of working time. And employees do not want such information to be uncovered.

      That is why they start to worry more about whether they are being spied on. If your spouse has an access to your computer, then yes, there is a possibility to install spying software on your computer. The only difference: your employer does not have access to your personal home computer, so no spying software can be installed on your home computer for sure, unless you grand the access to your employer. Spying might be used for investigation purposes.