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Google allows you to pinpoint your own Android phone with the Android Device Manager tool, or you can share your location information through Google Hangouts. You can also share your commute information through Google Now, as well as use apps from the Google Play store to do even more tracking. If you lose your Android phone or it gets stolen, you can use the Android Device Manager tool to track it down. The online tool can locate your phone and even let you ring it to alert you to its location -- even if it's set to silent or vibrate.

You can also remotely wipe your device if it has been stolen and you don't think you can get it back. Note that if your phone has been stolen, don't attempt to apprehend the thief on your own -- alert the authorities and let them handle it.

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Google's unified messaging application, Hangouts, has location sharing built right in, so if you want your friends to know where you are, you don't have to type in your address or try to figure out the cross streets -- just tap the location pin next to the emoticon icon in the text entry box to share your location with whomever is in the Hangout with you at the time. Android-powered phones have a notification app called Google Now that brings up useful and relevant information at the right time, such as letting you know when it's time to leave to get to work on time.

Access contacts and calendar. Applications: View applications that are installed and block applications.

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Multimedia: View photos and videos stored on the device. Reports: Comprehensive reports available to make it easy to find the information that you need. The computer version of mSpy will take automatic screen shots. You can set the time duration in the user control panel. These features include: Call Intercept: This feature gives you the ability to listen to live phone conversations without the user knowing. The recordings are then uploaded to the online FlexiSPY control panel.

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Password Cracker: All passwords that are entered will be logged. You will gain access to their passwords for social media, emails and applications. RemCam: Remotely gain control of the cell phone camera to take photos. These will be uploaded to the online control panel for you to view. Remotely control the phone: From a remote location you will be able to make changes, restarting device, viewing device battery status, and send SMS remote commands.

Extreme version Record and Listen to phones surroundings. Read emails Spy on Passwords for applications and email. Extreme version Instant GPS location. Spy on video, audio and image files. Spy Remotely by taking pics, restarting device, viewing device battery status, and send SMS remote commands. Extreme version Spy on websites visited, as well as bookmarks.

Access contacts, calendar, notes, installed programs, and program activity.

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Alerted when the SIM card is changed, specified contacts are called, and a number of other predetermined factors that you can set. Runs in stealth mode. Tablet Monitoring: iPad and Android Tablets. Spyera offers a vast array of features that will leave no activity unmonitored.

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Live Call Listening — Secretly listen in on a call as it is happening. Ambient Listening — Hear the surroundings of the phone. Multimedia Files — Gain access to camera image, audio files, video files, wallpapers etc. You will gain access to VoIP calls made inside the instant messenger.

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Live Call Recording — Record phone conversation and they will be uploaded to the control panel to listen whenever you want. Ambient Recording — Record phones surroundings and it will be uploaded to the online control panel for you to listen to whenever you want.

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  8. Location Tracking — Get the exact location of the targeted device. Track E-mails — All emails are recorded, even ones that are deleted. Alert Wizard — Set criteria to be alerted about. Address Book- Gain access to all contacts. Call History — Logs incoming and outgoing calls. Web History — See all web sites visited and bookmarks. Sim Notification — be alerted if the SIM card is changed.

    Remotely — Uninstall, update, and send commands. Application — See all installed, uninstalled and how often each app is used. Five Benefits of Using a Cell Phone Tracker There are so many advantages to putting a cell phone tracking system in place.

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    Easy to Use : a cell phone tracker application is designed to be user friendly. The software is set up to make monitoring and collecting data easy for anyone to use, so you do not have to be tech savvy. Quick to Install : installing the software will also be completed without complications.

    Once you purchase the software, you will be sent an email. This email will take you through the steps of installing the software. Most installations only take minutes to complete. Once the software is installed, monitoring will begin immediately. Versatility : the features of the software make it useful to detect any activity that you do not agree with.

    Sign up for Spyic and get a subscription plan for the target phone iOS or Android. The plans are so cheap that you will practically find it free for the features they offer. Step 2. Follow the simple setup wizard on the screen.

    It will guide you through the easy setup process. Step 3. For iOS target phone, verify the iCloud credentials of the target device. Select the device associated with that iCloud account of which you wish to view the backup. For Android target phone, download and install the app from the link mentioned in the setup wizard. Step 5. You will be taken to the Spyic dashboard.

    You can go here and see the live location of the user, as well as the recent location they have visited. These locations are available with their timestamps. Therefore, you can sleep with ease. You will know where the user was in the morning through their recent locations. You can even set a geo fence for the user. This enables you to create a boundary on the map. Whenever the user crosses this boundary, you get an alert.