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Easy Cell Phone Mechanical Auto Tapper From Old CD ROM Drive.

Using this device allows you to save, edit and delete your phone book and short messages. Aside from recovery and retrieve, even of deleted data, an added advantage is to back the information up on your computer. If you change providers or cellular phones this unit allows you to transfer the information to the new SIM card. Virtual disk is protected by one of five modern encryption algorithms. Booming New Trend For Countermeasures services!

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Spyware Detection And Elimination. Obtain It -Then Instantly Download! Select unlimited number of folders and files of your choice to hide and protect by a password.

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In one mouse click your selected folders became invisible: it is impossible to find hidden folders, access any file in them and remove them even when removing upper-level folders. You may leave your computer unattended without worrying if someone will access your private data. Then just run the program and enter your password - your hidden folders will become visible instantly.

Is your computer running slower then it used to? This powerful program will show you what is really running on your computer. You will be able to stop any program that you cannot recognize. If a program is gobbling up your computers speed and you do not know what it is, Program Sleuth will look it up for you.

Program Sleuth has our exclusive Know-It technology so you need not have to worry about the technical details; it will show you in a clear way only the suspicious programs. Program Sleuth gives you full control to eliminate problem programs running on your machine, without an annual subscription. You only need to buy it once! Protect your e-mail before it's too late! How long has it been since you backed up your e-mail?

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What would happen if you lost all of your e-mail? With just a few clicks your backup is ready. You need only select the e-mail program you use, the data you want to protect, and Click and Keep does the rest! Naturally, your backups can be password protected for an added level of security. This set of professional business forms is specifically designed for individuals and companies doing technical surveillance countermeasures TSCM , electronic countermeasures work. This set of forms includes virtually everything necessary to make a professional, complete countermeasures survey sweep from the initial client contact, company information, quote instructions and forms, confidentially agreement, final survey sweep completion summary forms and more.

These are all the forms you should need to operate your countermeasures company with a professional presentation and professional paperwork. Spytech SpamAgent is a powerful spam filtering and reporting tool that allows you to keep spam from reaching your inbox. SpamAgent comes with over preset filters to stop spam from reaching your inbox - and allows you to fight back against spam with the click of a button! Spytech SpyLock is the award winning powerful and secure desktop lock-down system that allows you to quickly and securely lock your PC down while you are away.

SpyLock securely locks down your PC desktop to prevent others from accessing your PC - as well as providing content filtering abilities to control what users do on your PC. When you use didtheyreadit, every e-mail that you send is invisibly tracked without alerting the recipient. But when they read your message, you will immediately receive the following information: When, exactly, your email was opened. How long your email remained opened. Where, geographically, your email was viewed. This Telephone Scrambler attaches onto most cellular or land line telephone handsets.

It is designed to scramble your conversations over the telephone line by using a unit on each end. This tactical device will protect your conversation from various methods of eavesdropping from wiretaps or electronic bugs. There are many different telephone analyzers on the market today. The problem is, they all have some type of gap in their protection schemes. This unit was actually designed by an Israeli government intelligence engineer to secure his own phone lines. Safe Line offers more levels of protection than any other device of it's kind! While many products perform an efficient job of checking for "on premise" telephone recording devices, the patented Comsec C3i-II is the only unit designed specifically for detection of central station or "down line" taps.

New Super Tap Buster The SuperTap Buster has been designed to automatically detect and disable most forms of wire taping and telephone bugging. Also included is a red LED that will flash to bring your immediate attention to the possibility of wire tapping on your line. At the same time, your telephone conversation will be automatically cut off by the Super Tap Buster to prevent your voice from being heard or recorded. When the "beep" switch is set to the "ON" position, simultaneously, a continuous warning "beep" will be transmitted to the person on the other end indicating that the conversation has been cut off due to wire tapping or telephone bugging.

Telephone Tap Nullifier Our telephone tap nullifier has the greatest ability to actually defeat telephone taps! Also the telephone tap nullifier utilizes technology that jams any listening device which use the telephone line to listen to room conversations, This telephone tap nullifier is the ideal device to protect privacy and maintain the security of communication. For use on any telephone or fax line anywhere.

This privacy unit is a very simple and inexpensive devise but it's on the cutting edge! Invented for diplomatic private government conversations in which there are extension lines on the same phone line, this baby locks down your phone or modem line so another extension line or eavesdropping connection can not be picked up. Your telephone conversation then remains private between only you and the person you are talking to.

Copyright, , Ralph Thomas All Rights reserved. The Miser provides privacy for confidential conversations even if a line is electronically tapped. Eavesdroppers will not be able to decipher the contents of the communication link. The Miser can secure multiple links for conference calling.

Where is he? He could be inviting other friends over and letting them in. The rootkit uses your processor, it uses your memory, your hard disk.

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If you try to take it out, it actually messes up your computer. The only solution is to reinstall the whole operating system. But no software or media company of the stature of Sony BMG had ever distributed a program that, in the judgment of security experts, was deliberately designed to mimic malware. Sony BMG did not immediately apologize but did try to solve the problem. Its first step, in early November, was to publish a Web-based program that customers could use to remove XCP from their systems.

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  • And gradually, the company seemed to recognize the scope of the public-relations disaster it faced. On November 14, the company said it regretted the inconvenience it had caused its customers and announced an exchange program to replace XCP—protected discs with new ones without the rootkit. According to media reports, consumers had purchased 2. How many of these customers actually played the CDs on their computers, thus unwittingly installing the rootkit, is not clear.

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    Kaminsky posted the statistics on his website, -doxpara. Sony BMG, meanwhile, tried to respond to the specific worries raised by Russinovich, Kaminsky, and others. Sony BMG representatives contacted by Technology Review in March and April would not name the executives responsible for licensing XCP from First 4 Internet or releasing the copy-protected discs, and they declined to make executives available for interviews.

    Zone of Freedom The recalls, exchanges, and apologies of November did not put the matter to rest. New York attorney general Eliot Spitzer criticized Sony in late November, after investigators found that discs carrying XCP had not yet been removed from stores. Plaintiffs in at least five states filed suit, claiming damages against Sony BMG for impairing their computers. Sony dealt with these suits quickly. Before December was out, the company had reached a tentative settlement with attorneys, who had consolidated the suits into a single complaint in the U.

    Inside the Spyware Scandal

    District Court for southern New York. At press time, the court had not yet approved the full settlement, but the replacement program had begun. But anger over the rootkit in the media and the blogosphere persisted even after news of the proposed settlement. Rather, CD buyers were upset that the software deliberately concealed its presence and contacted Sony BMG without their permission. They felt that XCP had trespassed against fundamental protections — the rights to privacy and private ownership and the freedoms of expression and access to information.

    Sony BMG has never fully accepted the blame; even in the December settlement agreement the company denied that it bore any legal liability or that anyone had been damaged by any wrongful conduct. Still, by most measures of corporate responsibility, Sony BMG has gone to remarkable lengths to make up for the rootkit fiasco.

    First, say computer security professionals, good DRM should be transparent. To these professionals, the rootkit episode carried secrecy too far.